Four types of courses are available:


(i) Regular

Up to four lessons per week, this course is suitable for local and beginner students.  The course comprises of a standard training syllabus primarily for local students, or students without a limited period of stay.  The training programme follows the traditional approach where advancement is determined by the progress of the student. The advantage of this is that solid foundation can be guaranteed for progressive advancement from the beginner to advance levels.   The classes are of mixed abilities, meaning that beginners and advance students attend together.  Sifu would oversee the whole class and would give teachings to the individual or groups of students.  The advantage of this is that Sifu, as well as senior students, can teach the juniors.


(II) Overseas/Continuation

Four lessons per week, this course is suitable for students with existing knowledge in Wing Chun or overseas students with limited period of stay.  It is also suitable for those aiming to progress from their present level.  Course contents vary according to the standard of the student.  Students can expect a complete overhaul of what they had leant so any flaws in the foundation be corrected.  This avoids the time necessary to re-start from the beginning.  In this case, a strong self-emphasis for hard training and rapid absorption of the techniques taught are required by the students if the course is to be fully benefited.  Techniques and theories would be taught at a relatively fast pace to allow for a comprehensive built-up of knowledge at the end of the stay.  Classes are of mixed abilities (please see Regular course above).  There are no strict acceptance criteria for this course.  Anyone with a willingness to learn and respect for the art and people in general are accepted.


(III) Private Tuition

Each lesson is of duration two hours and is on a one-on-one basis with Sifu.  Materials taught are in accordance to the level and progress of the student, and the time available.   Private tuition is also suitable for those who wish to take private lessons in addition to their chosen course.  The cost is relatively more expensive and students are advised to consider seriously their financial capability before embarking.


(IV) Seminars/Workshops

Sifu Ng and his assistant(s) are available for seminars and/or workshops at venues locally or overseas.  Please write to us directly to discuss the details and requirements.



For prices and further information on the courses provided, please email us at or through our feedback form.




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