Footnote to Gor-sau Footage Clips

by Mr. NG Chun-hong 












過手練習之片段放出後,我們收到很多同門從世界各地給我們之電郵,我們很多謝大家之支持,網站成立之原意亦在試圖與各地之詠春愛好者,互相認識,互相交流,擴大學習之範圍及興趣而矣,如網頁內不慎地有使各地先進同們有感不是或誤解之處,我們深表遺憾! 謝謝!








Our website has recently released a selection of motion clips of our class during gor-sau practice.  The aim being the heightening of interest in Wing Chun Kung Fu and make known to visitors the actual occurrences in our class.  We have not purposely fabricated any scenes or techniques to achieve any sort of goals whatsoever.

It should be realised that during the gor-sau practice, both the students may possess different skill levels and intentions.  While engaging in such practice/training, the pace can be very quick and the students have to endeavour to practice both attacking and defensive techniques, and the inter-changeable nature of the two.  Occasionally, students would practice techniques of controlling and neutralising incoming forces.  Most important, however, is the need for concentration during the practice so as to prevent inflicting injury to the partner.  Nevertheless, due to the high pace involved, the occurrence of errors, large and small, in the application of techniques are inevitable.

Such mistakes and errors during training can seldom be avoided and it is hoped that viewers would look upon these with understanding.  Further, it is hoped that viewers would not miscomprehend the nature of the clips since they are not clips of actual sparring competitions and certainly not performed for the purpose of demonstration.

The understanding of the principal “Receive what comes, escort what goes, thrust forward when the arms are disengaged” should include the method of attacking and defending.  Thus, the practicing of this principal should include, at the same time, attacking and defending.  If the student only concentrates on the attacking aspect, and overlook the defensive, then this is an incomplete way of training.  The method of training at our Association is that of the traditional way, which has been passed down in its purest form.  People with an adequate understanding of Wing Chun would, I believe, understand that the gor-sau clips are merely those showing a single aspect of our training and where the situation warrants, we would select the ever more simpler and direct alternatives.

After the release of the clips, we have received many emails from fellow Wing Chun practitioners around the World.  We are thus very grateful for the support that has been received.  The aim of establishing our website is to attempt to link up and liaise with Wing Chun enthusiasts around the World and to increase the learning boundaries and interest of our art.  Should any material on this website inadvertently cause any ill feeling or concern, please accept our sincere apologies.  Thank you!




NG Chun-hong

23rd April 2001

(Note: Translated from original text in Chinese.  Should discrepancies occur between the original and the translated version, the former shall have overriding effect.)



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